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That explains it!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Well it’s been three weeks since the marathon and unfortunately my injured left leg wasn’t showing much signs of improvement. It had got a little better I suppose, going from not being able to walk on it at all (the day after the marathon) to walking with a badly concealed limp (today).

Time to make a trip to the doctor, thought I, and it’s probably a good thing that I did. Turns out what I thought was a pulled muscle is actually a tibial stress fracture, or to put it another way, a broken shin bone! One MRI, and three rolls of bright purple fibreglass later and this is my new look for the season…

Andy’s Purple Leg

Yes, a delightful purple cast!

Although it’s good to at last know what’s been going on down there and nice to have an explanation as to why it wasn’t healing as well as expected, I’m less than chuffed about spending the next few weeks carting this thing around. Trying to keep everything in perspective though it is only a few weeks, and I’m hoping to be rid of it and starting my rehabilitation after my next check-up in 3 weeks time.

My next question is this: how can anyone sign a purple plastic cast?!