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There’s snow business like… running in the snow!

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Not exactly what one might want to see first thing in the morning on a day one is supposed to be doing a run, but then again, nobody said this was going to be easy! Yes, the disturbingly mild winter has finally broken and we had our first proper snowfall in New Jersey.

The Mighty Buick in the snow

Fortunately, by the evening, the snow had cleared from the roads so I could venture out without too much fear of sustaining a broken limb. Today I did what those-that-know might call a tempo run. That’s a shorter run at a faster pace than your ‘race pace’, designed to allow you to work on your running style, improve your efficiency and, hopefully, your eventual time. Sounds good to me!

Of course, I’ve still got a long way to go to build up my milage, but I’ll be doing that on my weekly ‘long runs’. Between these shorter tempo runs and my longer endurance runs, I should be able to build my stamina to last the distance and my speed to avoid my time being measured in days, as opposed to the more traditional hours and minutes. So the theory goes… I guess the proof of the pudding will come on April 22nd!

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