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January 2007

Back to basics

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After a weekend of relaxation, it was high time I got back out on the road. The day after my visit to see Dr Lavine, I was somewhat concerned as my foot was actually feeling worse than before! Not to… Read More »Back to basics

Spoke too soon

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Bother. Depite a 6 miler yesterday that felt great while I was doing it, I’m paying the price today. The old ankle’s certainly letting me know I’ve been using it. Interestingly enough, the discomfort is in the sole of my… Read More »Spoke too soon

Wibble wobble

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In the words of Borat: “Great success!” Today I took delivery of a Wobble 360 wobble board, from the good people at Fahtee Corp. The basic idea of these contraptions is that by simply learning to stand on them without… Read More »Wibble wobble

Lookin’ up

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Things definitely looking up: ran just over 4 miles this evening and no complaints from the ankle. Some complaining from the legs, but not the ankle! We’ll see how it is in the morning, but I’m quietly optimistic that I’ll… Read More »Lookin’ up

And we’re back

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First bit of proper running since the injury: a gentle 2 km on the treadmill today, before my flight back to the States. Felt pretty good, all told. We’ll have to see if that’s still true after 7 hours on… Read More »And we’re back