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Back to basics

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After a weekend of relaxation, it was high time I got back out on the road. The day after my visit to see Dr Lavine, I was somewhat concerned as my foot was actually feeling worse than before! Not to worry though, as Dr Lavine reassured me that this was not uncommon: after all, the foot had been eased back into a shape that, due to the injury, it had become unfamiliar with… the right one!

Now, I have to say, it’s feeling just fine and I’m enthusiastic about trying it out on the road. Not wishing a repeat of what happened before, I thought I should start gently again, so went for a modest 3 mile run today, stopping when my foot started to feel ‘worked’. I think I need to build the strength back very gradually, but time is pressing, so I’ll be out again on Saturday and try and build the distance a bit more.

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