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Put your best foot forward…

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…and then promptly sprain it.

Yes, what better way to start ones training campaign for ones first marathon than to give ones ankle a thorough spraining?

Mid-way through my second training run, a misguided sideways leap to cross the central reservation in the road ended in the proverbial tears and a torrent of shamefully colourful language.

Unfortunately, being 2 miles away from home and without my mobile, my only option was to hobble home, my shuffles punctuated with verbal outbursts in a continuing colourful theme. I hope there were no children within earshot, and if there were I sincerely apologise for disturbing your Thanksgiving festivities so crudely.

To make matters worse, it probably took me a good couple of hours before I could get any ice on it. 24 hours later, it had turned a delightful shade of purple and assumed pedial proportions more befitting an elephant than a human being.

Definitely one for the scrap book, and, thanks to the wonders of digital technology, reproduced here for your viewing pleasure.

'tis But a Sprain

Obviously a less-than-ideal way to start a marathon bid, and I’m bitterly disappointed. I’m hopeful for a speedy recovery, but I would have to admit that things aren’t looking good. I suppose all that can be done is to wait and see.

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